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Festival tickets

Top referrers will have the chance to win multiple festival tickets to any festival in the world. While building an online platform is our priority, we know a live music experience is like nothing else.

Membership credits

Earn membership credits that can be spent in the app. Your ticket to exclusive artist communities worldwide. Enjoy no-cost membership anywhere— from 5 months to 2 years.

SonX Swap Token

The SonX swap token mirrors the value of SonX coin, our cryptocurrency. The swap token will allow you to redeem SonX coin on launch of the full app in early 2023.

Tell your friends about us and win incredible prizes along the way

The SonX Beta launch is around the corner, and we’re rolling out our first big event to help spread the word.

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The top 250 referrers will start receiving SonX swap tokens whilst the top 50 will get rewarded with prize packages built for the ultimate music fan. Bundles include Founder digital collectibles's, SonX swap tokens, artist membership credits and global festival tickets.

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Founder digital collectibles's


And for our top 50 participants...

You'll receive founding member digital collectibles.

We want to reward our early adopters by granting owners access to future opportunities and rewards as we develop the SonX platform.

(You also get to show them off on your app profile once we go live!)

Royal Amethyst Reward

1st Place

Royal Amethyst Reward
4 festival tickets of choice

1000 Swap tokens

100 subscription credits
2nd Place
Diamond Reward
Diamond Reward
2 festival tickets of

600 Swap tokens

50 subscription
3rd Place
Platinum Reward
Platinum Reward
1 festival ticket
(limited list)

400 Swap tokens

35 subscription
4th Place
Gold Reward
Gold Reward
20 subscription

300 Swap tokens

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