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Support your favourite artists and get access to exclusive communities that all reward you for being a fan.

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Exclusive access

Support musicians through a premium subscription and in return get access to a unique community. Here you'll discover artists' videos, photos, music, and merch that you can't find anywhere else.

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Engage with artists

Be first to know about all the latest updates from musicians themselves. Subscribers get to be part of private voice chats, join special live events and even message artists directly.

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Get rewarded

Artists will be able to reward you for your fandom and loyalty, with digital collectibles, merch, early access to tickets, exclusive in-app events and even unique in-person experiences.

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Connect through digital collectibles

You can earn tokens and collectables for supporting your favourite artists. Show them off on your profile or sell or trade them with other fans on our marketplace. The rarest ones will give you VIP benefits within an artist’s community and access to real-life experiences.

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Community comes first. Musicians want to engage with their true fans. We’re just giving you the stage to stand out and have fun.

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The inner circle
A likeminded community
Built for fans and artists

An artist’s SonX community is a place for them to share the content they want to and engage with their biggest fans. You get to be part of their creative process without the social media fluff. This isn’t the place for superficial posts.

You can unite with a music-loving community to discuss and share your thoughts. There are no anonymous profiles on SonX. You will receive content directly from your favourite artists without the pain of fake pages, time wasters or trolls.

No ads, no selling of personal information. We’re building our platform to be personal, so we take privacy seriously. It’s all about bringing musicians and fans closer together.