Be your own artist.
Define your crowd.

Grow your community through tools that allow you to express yourself, build sustainable revenue and connect with your fans that care the most.

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Monetize your content
Connect with superfans
Be yourself

Build out your revenue streams through subscriptions, merch and digital collectibles (as well as their royalties). Take full control over the ownership of your music and content while maintaining a sustainable income.

Did you know up to 20 percent of your fanbase could be super fans? They're your day-one die-hards, fan page followers, avid sharers and social advocates. We're building SonX so you can start forming relationships with the people that appreciate your work the most.

Your SonX community is the space to explore and get creative. These audiences are here because they care about your process and what makes your brain tick. Use our wide array of social tools to share authentic content and develop deeper connections with your fans.


An easy way to pay, a unique way to earn.

SonX coin is our cryptocurrency and a payment method for digital collectibles, experiences and merchandise on our platform. But it offers a lot more than just that. You'll be awarded SonX coin for interacting with an artist's content to fund any purchases. We further reward you in cash back on your SonX coin holdings by "staking" the token on our platform.

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